Friday, August 6, 2021

The Saints of Mythic Urd

The Mythic World of Urd: Saints

What follows is GameDoc's treatise on the Saints that have been encountered and described for his Mythic World setting.  The Mythic World has different standards for a lot of conventions, and they are cool and welcome spins on old tropes - but you don't have to take MY word for it!  You can listen to GameDoc himself tell you about the Saints and the nature of divine magic in the Mythic World right here!

Arnhilde the Liberator

Saint Arnhilde is said to have been a champion of peasants and laborers in the north . She was martyred for speaking out against the abuse of power. Her iconography often utilizes broken chains or shackles.

  • Stand for those who cannot stand for themselves.
  • Power is a responsibility, not a privilege.
  • Free the oppressed and oppose the tyrant.

Cyrus the Bloodied

Saint Cyrus was military commander and a champion of law and order who was always vigilant against the threat of Chaos. His iconography incorporates a sword and warrior's helm.

  • A firm hand is necessary to encourage faith and piety.
  • Protect the faithful, from themselves if necessary.
  • Cleanse the land of heresy.

Dudimus the Abiding

Saint Dudimus was an aesthetic know for his patience and perseverance, but also his love of distilled spirits. He is said to have solved many mysteries by simple contemplation. His iconography often includes a a bottle or chalice. 

  • Strive for balance in all situations and promote harmony in all facets of life.
  • The truth will reveal itself in due time if you are patient. 
  • Live simply and practically; take no more than you need.

Iambulous the Charitable

Saint Iambulous was a philosopher who traveled much of the known world and lived among many different peoples, seeking the means of building a utopia. His iconography incorporates a compass. 

  • Promote community spirit and mutual aid.
  • Make peace wherever you go; resort to conflict is a final resort.
  • Encourage those that have more to give to those that have less

Leilani the Merciful

Saint Leilani was renown as a healer and as a lover of all living things. She offered kindness and aid even to those others would deem unworthy. Her iconography always incudes flowers. 

  • Heal those who are ill or injured
  • Spread the word of love; we are all brothers and sisters.
  • Lift up the weak and make them strong.

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