Friday, April 2, 2021

Traveller: To the Moon! [Parts 1 & 2]

The following is from GameDoc's session notes in our private social media group.

Mongoose Traveller on Fantasy Grounds
** Welcome, Traveller... Campaign Page **

After reviving Khaine from his state of suspended animation, the crew travels to the topmost level of the complex, encountering another handful of troxbolg guards. There, they also find more human prisoners. This group appears weary and seems to have endured more physical abuse than the others. 

Traveller:  Sally May goes down...

Among them are Sir Aaran Berani and his daughter Emma, scientist in the employ of Baroness Edda who were taken form the alien ruins on Tinath. Sir Aaran explains that all the prisoners are abductees. The troxbolgs prevent them from escaping and put them to work assembling machine parts. But otherwise ignore them if they are docile abs compliant.

Traveller:  Hangar Level 4
"Too bad we can't fly that one...and ours is outside in the vacuum."

There is a gang of thugs among the prisoners that have become collaborators in exchange for better treatment. The prisoners on this level are those that are unruly, uncooperative, and that manage to resist the drugs that are added to their food to make them compliant.

Traveller:  Moon Base Prisoners
"I guess we should like...round them up?"

The level below houses the compliant prisoners and below that, the workshops. The hangar level (ground level) is storage. Below that are the quarters of the troxbolgs and their human collaborators. The lowest level is off limits to humans. 

Traveller:  Elevator Dash
It turns out that Dr. Mondocane needs to take 3 Tee-Up actions in order to offset his melee penalty.

The crew proceeds methodically to each subsequent level, killing the troxbolgs and freeing the remaining prisoners. Khaine is able to use a psionic suggestion to cause the ringleader of the collaborators to have his gang switch side and help fight the alien cyborgs. 

Traveller:  Corridor Strike
"This is why God invented grenades."

One level remains - the lowest level and command center for the facility. The crew is warned that there are no humans there, and that the troxbolgs that guard it are armed with guns. Rumors are there is another variant of cyber-organic beings there as well.

Traveller:  Tight Spot!
"We're in a tight spot!"

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