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Star Wars X-Wing: Space Aces in Wild Space

We're back, baby...and welcome to the Wild Space Saga!  This is the first of a series of campaigns that are set in our brand new (non-canonical) campaign setting for Star Wars games.

Check out the basic background on the Birthwell space and comment to join the scenario and see where it develops!

Iron Seer presents Space Aces in Wild Space

Secret Nav-Points in the Unknown Regions

The Alliance base at Teboraun City on Teyyaun is currently being prepared for use by advance forces on the surface.  Hampered by local resistance from crime lords calling themselves Neo-Privateer Guilds, the Alliance must attempt to clear all hostile forces patrolling the narrow conduits through the nebulae around the Birthwell, without alerting Imperial patrols on the other side.

To that end, Alliance squadrons in Wild Space have been called up to perform this duty at the edge of the Unknown Reaches.  Entering the Birthwell from the galactic East, they must secure the nav-points starting at Narrow Gap.  The mission is time sensitive - Alliance blockade runners are entering the Birthwell bound for Teyyaun at Pit Point soon, and Bluecap Squadron will be required to escort them in safely to supply materials to the ground crews...

Teyyaun: Nearby Nav Points

Campaign Rules

The campaign will consist of 6 engagements broken into two scenarios each.  Every set of scenarios will correspond to action at a particular point along Bluecap Squadron's mission.  In each scenario, they must attempt to destroy or scatter enemy squadrons based on the outcome of the sorties.  The specific rules and size to use for each scenario is listed below on the Campaign chart.

At the end of the campaign, a team victory will be declared for the team with the most victories.  In the event of a tie, the final scenario will be played again to determine a tiebreaker.  Despite this win or loss, this is only the beginning.  The total outcomes along the Nav-Points will determine setup for the next part of the Wild Space Saga in various games we'll be linking together.

Imperial Interdictions

The Empire is not really involved with the conflict in the Birthwell, being only slightly aware that anything is happening at all.  However, Imperial patrols in Wild Space have picked up frequency lately.  To that end, it's possible these long-range patrols may chase suspicious-flying vehicles into the Unknown Regions.

At any point in the campaign, should an Imperial player challenge the inhabitants of the Birthwell, a special Interdiction scenario will be played.  The Imperial player can choose a faction to attack (or can attack both) and impose upon them a scenario of their choosing.  The Alliance and Scum factions can ally (splitting the total squadron values) or not (making it a 3-way fracas) to fight off the Imperials.

This takes place outside the normal campaign structure and can occur as often as the Imperial player may deem necessary (it may be necessary to fight the Imperials for quite some time).  For every win the Imperial player obtains during these phases, Imperial Influence goes up in the Birthwell.  Imperial Influence will be noted on the scoreboard and this will help determine setups in later campaigns and scenarios.  In addition, mark the points along Bluecap Squadrons' path where the interdictions take place - this will setup Imperial intelligence / blind-spots in the campaigns to come.

Space Aces in Wild Spaces begins!
"Bluecap-4 to Bluecap-8 ... bet you he's gonna run!"

Results and Ongoing

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