Friday, January 11, 2019

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

GameDoc has started a Star Wars game for us here, and it looks like it's going to be a blast.  We're back around a real table, and I don't even hate the dice system. 

Star Wars: Mayhem, Inc. Campaign
Somewhere in the Outer Rim, things are about to get hotter than a worrt in the double suns.


It is a time of great tension in the galaxy. The GALACTIC EMPIRE is embroiled in a civil war. In response to civil unrest, EMPEROR PALPATINE has disbanded the Imperial Senate and granted the regional governors, backed by military forces, control of their systems, along with leave to maintain order by any means necessary. The CORE WORLDS suffer the most. 

Meanwhile, the OUTER RIM of the galaxy remains only marginally under the control of the Empire. Local authorities, including gangsters and warlords, retain a great deal of power. Individuals may find more freedom and opportunity, but at much higher risk. On the desert planet of TATOOINE, one band of such fortune-seekers have run afoul of the HUTT CARTEL and now race to escape with their lives...
- GameDoc

Scum & Villainy

Rokka Reer and Kali Shakka are Twi'leks bound to the service of one particularly surly Hutt named Teemo.  While in Teemo's service, they meet the young doctor Xander Cruz.  Xander enlists the help of some surly, shady characters in order to hatch a plot:  free Kali and Rokka from Teemo's clutches.

Modo Phloid is a small time con-man and big time thief.  He's had enough of Teemo's blithering idiocy, and is looking for a leg up.  His partner is the 'reformed' murderbot B3-T5Y, affectionately known as 'Betsy'.  The two have a small reputation for larceny and skulduggery, but this time they needed more planning and muscle.  To that end, they have enlisted the help of their friend X, a devaronian immigrant to Tattooine who is also an accomplished survivalist and tracker.

Then came the day it was time to blow the joint and leave Teemo in the dust...

  • Rokka Reer, Twi'lek Performer
  • X, Devaronian Scout
  • Kali Shakka, Twi'lek Mechanic
  • Xander Cruz, Twi'lek Doctor
  • B3-T5Y, Droid Heavy
  • Modo Phloid, Human Thief
Session Logs

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