Sunday, January 6, 2019

Iron Seer Campaigner

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The Campaigner is back!

The newly revised section compiles all our current campaigns in one space for easy tracking.  It's now more of a forward-facing launch site for our players to get all they need from one stop without having to search through the archives.  The Wargames and RPG Portals will lead to all information relevant to game lines, but the Campaigner keeps everything up to date in an easy to parse format.

Previously, this section was another blog, but we really needed a better user interface for this information.  It's on Google Sites for the time being, but we'll probably be switching to a more robust display system in the future after I get around to re-jiggering some hi-def backgrounds.  It could take some time, though - I'm currently forging myself a new helmet.

So if you've got a hankering for games, check out the Campaigner section to see what's going on.  This is especially useful since our current campaign formats allow anyone to play for any side at any time, so don't feel bashful about asking to get into one.  That's what it's there for.  Whether you're into wargames or RPG's, all the info you need for each ongoing battle will be readily accessible from the Campaigner.

So marshal your forces and dig your pc's graves early.

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