Sunday, January 20, 2019

Edge of the Empire Player Characters

Edge of the Empire Player Characters
Our current crew!
WotC Miniatures Left to Right:  Devaronian Soldier, HK-50 Assassin Droid, Corellian Pirate, Twi-lek Scoundrel
I recently acquired some old Star Wars Miniatures for our Edge of the Empire campaign.  No particular reason, I just like to use Star Wars Miniatures for Star Wars games.  I mean I use non-Star Wars Miniatures for Star Wars games also, but I specifically collect Star Wars Miniatures for Star Wars games.  Is that enough keywords, Google?

Edge of the Empire Player Characters
WotC Miniatures Left to Right: Twi-lek Black Sun Vigo, Mission Vao
Anyway, it turns out that some of these are the most expensive collectible prepaints I've bought to date, weighing in at around the $5-20USD on the secondary market.  Mission Vao and the HK droid specifically were pretty expensive, but I typically don't spend more than a few bucks each on prepaints.  It's not bad though, and with Star Wars Miniatures it's one of the only ways to get an official model of certain characters.  I know I need to pickup some lightsaber wielders soon...and some clones.  We'll see how far I actually go down that rabbit hole once I've tracked down all the Attack Wing and X-Wing 1.0 stuff.

I thought it would be cool to kit out our team as a Rogue Stars unit!  A team of Pirates, aggressive and to the point.  The Hard to Kill tactical discipline and the Difficult Target traits will make this team an annoying and dangerous foe, just like our group.  However, two of our players had to bug out during the campaign, so I let their characters take a vacation.

Anyone can use this team in Rogue Star Wars!  Just in case anyone wanted to rough some stuff up, our merry pirate band can fight any other team.  Even other scum.  ESPECIALLY other scum.

Mayhem, Inc. (Pirates)
Hard to Kill

  • Rokka Reer, Twi-lek Entertainer (50)
    • Difficult Target (2), Fast (2), Fire into Melee, Free Disengage, Perceptive (2), Reactive
    • Sonic Pistol, Knife, Kevlar Jacket
  • X, Devaronian Scout (49)
    • Agile (2), Alert, Danger Sense, Difficult Target (2), Marksman (2), Stealth (2)
    • Laser Rifle, Knife, Kevlar Jacket
  • B3-T5Y, Combat Droid (50)
    • Artificial, Nonreactive, Difficult Target (2), Steadfast (1), Tough (1)
    • Laser Rifle, Force Glaive, Light Combat Dress
  • Modo Phloid, Thief from Outer Space (50)
    • Alert, Difficult Target (2), Fire into Melee, Free Disengage, Stealth (2)
    • Laser Rifle, Knife, Kevlar Jacket, 3 Stun Grenades

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