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Stormhammer Reinforcements: Cougar Battlemechs

Reaper Bones Cougar CAV
Stormhammer Cougar-X spread out over the Sulfurous Fields, hunting for signs of the invading Clan.
The Cougar-X is not a descendant of the original clan Cougar, as it has been nearly seventy years after the destruction of the last known factory.  Though the design is passingly similar, the new machine has been designed and constructed during the Dark Age by local manufacturers.  The Stormhammers have managed to obtain several prior to arriving on Vindemiatrix, and have deployed them in scout capacity near suspected clan targets.

Reaper Bones Cougar CAV
I prefer to brush-prime Reaper Bones.  
Reaper Bones CAV models are fun.  As always, brush-primed with some color - in this case Vallejo Cold Grey.  I didn't glue these to the bases while I painted them, instead affixing them with Blu-tac.  The torsos and arms are not glued either, allowing for traversals on the table.

Reaper Bones Cougar CAV
Raise your guns up and paint under your arms, kid.
On the heavier end of the light scale, the Cougar-X sports a fairly impressive armament.  In addition, the mech is heavily armored for its' weight.  Manufacture of these frames has increased over the past few months, and they are seen as a fantastic alternative to older models going forward by the Inner Sphere bureaucrats.

Reaper Bones Cougar CAV
Stages of Grey Waste Deposits.
Following basically the same process as the Jade Falcon mechs, which you can check out here.  I textured the bases with cement finish and Vallejo Black Lava before applying Agrellan Earth and highlighting with Fortress Grey.  The only major difference otherwise is the use of Regal Blue on the colored plates.

Reaper Bones Cougar CAV
Moon Patrol, ca 3145 A.D.
As of now, no real variants have emerged for this chassis.  In the minds of some designers, that is a better sign of a mech's performance than diversified sales patterns.  These are still test patterns, however, and it is likely that sooner rather than later development will be continued on the Cougar-X program.

Reaper Bones Cougar CAV
In space, no one can hear you meme.
Yes I know they are not battlemechs, but are in fact CAVs.  If you look closely, the bases aren't hexes, either.  This is entirely deliberate.  Also, applied Ryza Rust to the feet and lower legs to mimic the effect on the Dark Age Stormhammer miniatures.

Reaper Bones Cougar CAV
Guns up for AA potshots.
 Stats for Horizon Wars!

Element Type F A M D P FC Special
CGR-X Cougar-X Mech 4 4 4 2 2 2 None

Reaper Bones Cougar CAV
Augmented Stormhammer Medium Fire Support Lance, ready to repel invaders.
The Cougar-X has become a favorite of mechwarriors in the Stormhammers since they have taken on a great many dispossessed.  These mechs are inexpensive comparatively, and give the company a flexible maneuver strategy at a critical time - a clan invasion.  The pilots themselves who have been gifted one from the company have been given a second chance at glory, and are eager to prove the guns of their new mechs.

Reaper Bones Cougar CAV
No guts, no galaxy!

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