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Rogue Star Wars

Amidst the turmoil of the Deathwind Corridor, countless small dramas play out with little fanfare or visibility.  The lives of the rebel soldiers, Imperial personnel and innocent bystanders all move along at the same pace, more or less.  Heroic actions, horrific atrocities and humble day-to-day life all come to pass as the Galactic Civil War grinds on, and little does the wider society even know.

As they may loudly claim, there are heroes and villains on all sides.  In the ongoing turmoil around planet Roon and the Cloak of the Sith, a drama begins to unfold involving all three factions vying for power and position in the area.  These small groups become tied up together in what will become an ongoing vendetta for some, and a long nightmare for others.

The aqualish bandito Urdaaghr Buru and his band of cutthroats begin the campaign on the planet Bothawui, near the northern polar region.  Amidst the snow and ice, their talks with the rebel Spynet have fallen through.  Feeling dejected and put upon by the snide Spynet representative, Buru and his men decide to take plunder from the foolish rebels before heading back to Roon.  Buru Brothers Shipping & Handling, Inc. are not to be trifled with.

Captain Namus Vance of the Rebel Alliance takes note of the attack, and his team has another mission that happens to take them in the direction that Buru's Crew are traveling.  No doubt they'll have trouble with the pirates again before they are able to execute their mission:  sabotage of an Imperial patrol ship near the Cloak of the Sith, and the retrieval of the records it carries.

Yet the Imperials are being proactive.  The bounty hunter Halse Balgi is tracking all the known fugitives in the area, and is working closely with the Imperial army.  With the cutthroat mercenary rooting out the criminals, the Imperials are hot on the heels of both the rebels and the cartels.
Bothawui [800x800]
We begin on the mountainous slopes of Bothawui's northern pole...
Campaign Rules
This mini-campaign follows three teams of fighters amidst the Galactic Civil War, using the Rogue Stars ruleset published by Osprey Wargames.  There will be three sets of missions, each with a different theme and map set.  During each mission set, each of the three teams will fight a total of four battles, gaining experience with each encounter.

Each team may attack each other team once, and will be attacked by each other team once during each mission set.  Each faction's missions are noted below, showing each factions' attack on each other faction by initials.  Once all missions in a set are complete, play moves on to the next set.  There is no set order of playing missions within a set, so they can be played as opponents are available.

For each scenario win, 1 campaign point is awarded to that team.  Each team must win in it's own scenarios.  No points are awarded for losses, or winning a scenario that isn't your mission, but experience is gained as normal for each game.  The team with the highest number of campaign points wins, with total experience gained as the tiebreaker.
  1. Bothawui Polar Region Missions
    • All missions count as Ice Planet terrain.
    • Cartel Missions:  Steal Valuables (R); Smuggling (I)
    • Rebel Missions:   Hacking Mission (I); Manhunt (C)
    • Imperial Missions: Bodyguard Work (R); Secure Area (C)
    • Roll for Complications as normal.
  2. Attack on the Lightstation
    • All missions are Low Gravity Planet terrain except where noted.
    • Cartel Missions:  Ambush (I); Hacking Mission (R)
    • Rebel Missions: Boarding Action [Spaceship Terrain] (I);  Space Gladiators (C)
    • Imperial Missions:  Abduction (C); Control Terrain (R)
    • Roll for Complications as normal.
  3. The Dark Side of Roon    
    •  All missions are Dense terrain except where noted.
    • Cartel Missions
      • If the Imperial Abduction mission in Set 2 was successful, Rescue (I); otherwise Make it to the Ship Alive (I)
      • Repair (R)
    • Rebel Missions
      • If the Cartel Hacking Mission in Set 2 was successful,  All-Out Battle (C); otherwise Duel (C).
      • Destroy Property (I)
    • Imperial Missions
      • If the Rebel Boarding Action mission in Set 2 was successful, Explore a Wrecked Ship [Wrecked Spaceship Terrain] (R); otherwise Interrogation (R)
      • All-Out Battle (C)
    • Roll for Complications as normal.
(C) Cartel;  (R) Rebel;  (I) Imperial.

The missions are designed to be played over the next few months as we expand our terrain galleries.  As such, the planets depicted will correspond to the first three sets we finish and serve as an alternate way to frame the assets.  We'll also get to see the Rogue Stars system work over a 12 game span for each team.

The narrative outcome of this campaign will affect the Star Wars campaigns in general in the next iteration.  If the Cartel wins, they'll have a lot more resources as they will be able to outmaneuver the other forces.  If the Imperials win, much of the Cloak of the Sith will be impassable for both the rebels and cartels.  If the Rebels win, they'll have a safe base in the Cloak and passage through Deathwind Corridor.  In any event, the outcome will have far-reaching implications.

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