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Storm King's Thunder: Prepare to Die Edition [Part 8]

Storm King's Thunder: Prepare to Die Edition
Prepare to Die!
WARNING:  Spoilers ahead for Storm King's Thunder.

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8.1 Doom of the Desert

The party releases King Hekaton by destroying the chains that bound him with the Zymorven Axe.  As the storm giant king rises to his feet, he is obviously displeased with the situation.  A quick-talking Starman mentions Serissa, and calm King Hekaton down as they fill him in on what has happened.

Incensed, King Hekaton uses the Conch to take the party to the Maelstrom.  Here they rest as King Hekaton confers with his court and tracks down the offender - Imryth, who is a dragon, as it turns out.  While they are here, Starman makes his love for Serissa known to the princess.

The party prepares to set out with King Hekaton with several of his retainers who have gathered at the court.  In a welcome and rare surprise, Harshnag appears at the court in the Maelstrom!  He explains he escaped the crumbling of the Eye of the All-Father by jumping into the divination chamber, where he had to wait for a passing wizard to help him escape.

The storm giants, the party and Harshnag set out on a fantastic journey.  They ride through the sea on orcas, through the skies on rocs, and finally arrive in the Anauroch near where King Hekaton divined the dragon's location.  The party approaches on foot.

As they approach the ruined amphitheater that is the dragon's lair, they accidentally discover a sinkhole, through which King Hekaton and one of the Storm Giants fall into.  The rest of the party take an alternate route through a nearby tunnel and enter the amphitheater's lower level.  After wandering a bit, they come upon a group of cultists in front of a giant pit.  They chant a lot, and then one jumps into the pit.

A strange, otherworldly voice utters forth from the pit.  Soon, the party is aware of the dragon as she appears from the shadows and sand, hissing at the cultists (who happen to be snake-men).  The exchange is unpleasant, and the dragon then attacks.

The fight is short.  The attack force makes short work of the dragon, and the snake men flee.  Satisfied, King Hekaton assures the party that he will now work with the small folk to make the world a better place.  It's what his wife would have wanted, and the party has convinced him small folk can make a difference.  Whether or not that means he will allow his daughter to marry one is another matter entirely, to be discussed at a later date.

The End


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