Sunday, December 9, 2018

Jade Falcon Reinforcements: Razor Battlemechs

Bones CAV Razor
Reconnaissance units steal forth across the sulfurous wastes.
In the Dark Age, the various actors will all have to make due with what they have.  In the Falcon's Reach, several mech-factories have been captured.  However, the raw materials and imported technology that allows the factories to produce their specialized battlemechs has been heavily curtailed.  In response, Clan leaders have repurposed to make due with what they have.  One of the first things the engineers came up with was the Razor.

I got the CAV Bones Kickstarter and split it with my buddy.  The Razor is one of the CAVs I deemed worthy to include in the Falcon attack force.  I don't have any problem mixing and matching models if the scale is correct! ...or if it looks good enough...

Bones CAV Razor
I...belieb...dem bones...are me.
Mostly made up of legs, the Razor is swift and small.  It mounts several small to medium weapons, most commonly lasers and machine guns.  It is easily produced, as the most expensive section is the leg gyros.

Hand-primed the Razors with Mechanicus Grey for a dark base.  I wanted to try to get it close to the WizKids versions, but maybe not exact.  So the palette would probably be a lot of Gunmetal, Tin Bitz and Knarloc Green.  Secret Weapon Heavy-Body Black ink would tie it together, and we'd highlight the metal up through whatever looks correct.

Bones CAV Razor and Cement Finish
Bones CAV Razor and Vallejo Black Lava
Agrax Earthshade over the entire base, though - not just that one part.
Frequently deployed in groups of 2-4, these sections can make for fine flank harassment units.  More commonly, a star will have a Razor attached to perform scout and spotting maneuvers.  When properly equipped, they also excel at anti-infantry functions.

For the bases, I used scrap pieces from Warhammer Fantasy Battle modular movement trays cut to 40mm.  I used Hand Made Modern Cement Finish Dark all over the base and let it fully dry.  Over that, I applied Vallejo Black Lava, which was then inked and drybrushed Fortress Grey to match the Sulphur Fields.  I could have used the CAV hex bases, but honestly I don't like them for this project.

Bones CAV Razor
I feel like these guns aren't as big as I'd like, but that's the trade-off when you've got legs this long.
The cockpit and weapons sections are comparatively simple.  The cockpit is not heavily armored, but grants a wide field of view.  Some models have been equipped with jump-jets, though this variant is not widely distributed yet.

Bones CAV Razor Dark Age Jade Falcon
Clan Star on a suppression mission to a small enemy base. The RZR's will chase down any small craft attempting to escape.
Stats for Horizon Wars:

Element Type F A M D P FC Special
RZR-1A Razor Mech 1 2 4 1 1 1 None
RZR-3N Razor Mech 1 2 4 1 1 2 Jump Jets

Bones CAV Razor
Robot Affliction, Part the First - The Striding
In all, these CAV's are inexpensive to build and maintain even during the Dark Age.  As the Jade Falcon makes headway on Vindemiatrix, they are sure to be at the forefront of the battle.  The RZR-series excels at vanguard, scout, outrider or escort duties.  For the Great Khan!

Bones CAV Razor
Welcome to Planet Vindemiatrix, home of smelly holes.

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