Friday, July 23, 2021

The Laughing Company Raises Their Crest

** Howl of Oblivion Campaign Page **
With Fasha unwilling to set some of his personnel to guarding the party's growing hoard of treasure, he suggests they establish themselves with the authorities and hire some help of their own.  Over the last several days, the members of the band go about the city searching for a proper place to stash their loot and maintain as a new base in Yecha.

The party secures a writ from the Khan's Regent to incorporate an armed adventuring company.  This will allow them to maintain armed guards in the city and grant other privileges' granted to such incorporations, provided they answer to the Khan if they are called to do so.  The party agrees, and begins to look for a suitable building.

The party also commissions a local artisan to create their crest.  Calling themselves the Laughing Legion, the party decides to use the hyena as their symbol - since they have encountered far more dangerous hyenas than anything here in the Baklunish West.  Once they find their 2-story stone building, which they rent for a modest sum, they hang their crest and begin to hire personnel to guard the building and the massive safe they procure as a small treasure vault.

The party hires Blashi, a self-proclaimed 'outfitter'.  He has a lot of contacts across the city, and begins as the Majordomo of the Laughing Legion's new headquarters.  Five local men-at-arms and two Zyrjan archers are recruited as well, and the Legion sits at a registered thirteen members.  The party begins furnishing their new headquarters as they like, with the lower area being a common area and the upper floor being living quarters.

Now that they have a much stronger foundation to adventure in the West, the party can now focus it's attention as it likes.  It has many opportunities for adventure, it seems.  There are tales of hobgoblin fortresses on the coast.  Rai Suli asked the party for help, though they have not answered.  There are whispers of cult murders within the city, and the party knows the evil cultists are gathering everywhere.  The terror of the Blazing Omen still haunts those aware of the horror in the sky. 

In addition, the Khan's said to be on his way back to the city, only a few weeks away.

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