Sunday, July 18, 2021

Wooden Bases for Wood Bases

Woodland Bases Wide

A lot of terrain needed to be slightly repaired after being removed from the vault.  This set of woods has been with me for more than two decades - and this is not the first time they've been remade with new materials after serving until they aren't so convincing models.  The last time I talked about them at the old club, they looked like this.

Woodland Bases 2
Low-altitude VTOL chases are daring ventures, indeed.

These trees are DEFINITELY not the same ones featured in those old pics, so at some point between here and there the trees were replaced with these conifers.

Come to think of it, I think these were once snowtopped - but were repainted.  You can still see some of the light snow coloring.  I guess it's some sort of spruce?  I don't know.  It's an alien Yule-tree.

Woodland Bases 3
Lizardmen are known to frequent marshes and bogs.  Always be prepared.

A few of these were early attempts at using water effects.  Scummy ponds and bogs are all over the woodlands.  I've still got most of a bottle of Woodland Scenics Realistic Water.  And a bottle of Water Effects.  

I'm going to need to use those on as many products as I can ... OR dispose of them, properly, if they are no longer able to serve their purpose due to some unseen deterioration.  We'll find out, I suppose.

Woodland Bases 4
Brave Republic Clone Troopers advance through the trees to assault the Separatist position.

These bases have been through the Eye of Terror all the way to Northern Russia.  Their bases are an eclectic mix of various sorts of detritus that have been used to repair them over the years...and I love them.  All I really did this time was clean a bit of the old turf off, replace any of the trees that had detached (all of them) and then I got lazy and just added new base material where it was needed.

I used a mix of flocks from different companies, and actually used my static grass applicator for what is basically the first time.  It was neat, but requires space and preparation to use.  These small patches of grass really didn't warrant it, I think.  Maybe I need to GIT GUD and then I'll know how to hold the stick or when in the build order statics are applied.

Maybe I'm thinking about it too hard.  Despite their haphazard and languorous journey, they serve perfectly well.  These bases aren't overwrought with various materials that require super-careful handling - they are meant to serve on the table proudly.  My best guess is, I cut that MDF board 22 years ago.

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