Friday, February 26, 2021

Traveller: What Now?

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The following is from GameDoc's session summary, posted on our campaign message group:

Baroness Edda requests a personal meeting with Hernando. She wants to keep him on retainer as a scientific advisor to replace his deceased colleague, Dr. Warwick. She comes clean that he was working for her to develop cyber-organic livestock that might prove more hardy for life in space or when settling new planets.

Perhaps they can figure together out who killed the late professor and stole his research. It is clear that the cyber-organic creatures they’ve encountered are somehow based on Warwick’s research. She also agrees to secure the alien ruins so that a joint venture to further study the site (and profit from it) can be established.

Khaine begins poking around the criminal underworld and learns that a black market for human remains has sprung up and is especially lucrative. Sally surmised that the body harvesting must be related to the cyber-organic creatures.

Riley and Sally recruit a new co-pilot for the ship - a belter and former scout named Klaes Ashford. Riley and Klaes round up a cargo shipment and depart for Ashfield Station. 

In the meantime, Khaine continues his investigation. Hernando and Sally help him secure two cadavers from a science lab and forge records indicating they were cremated. Khaine then uses the bodies to establish a relationship with one of the procurers and learn more about the operation. He learns that bodies are smuggled out of the city to a location near the northern coast. He is able to piece together information on when bodies are dropped and shipped. 

Retiring with another load of cargo, Riley and Klaes note several small shuttles emerging from the far side of the planet Tinath and landing on one of the moons...

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