Friday, August 28, 2020

Rolemaster: The Adventure of Krat Merkin

We now join our regularly scheduled Rolemaster on Fantasy Grounds, already in progress:

So, I died last session.

That's ok, because I got to make a new character earlier in the week.  This character had much more magic available, so I felt good going into it.  Let me introduce you to Krat Merkin.

Krat is a High Man.  All the time.  He's also a professional magician.

Rolemaster on Fantasy Grounds
Our erstwhile party, forthwith.

He's not very good, though.  

At some point, Poor Krat (tm) became ensorcelled by some fell witchery and lost his senses.  During this time, he was apparently slave to the will of some wretched sorcerer who probably had Krat use his meager spell repertoire to boil water and/or act as a fan while he sleeps.

I (Krat, now in 1st person) was brought to my senses after being bludgeoned in the head to near death.  A dwarf stood in front of me, brandishing a blackjack.  Immediately I invoked lightning to destroy this wretched upstart, then realized that I can't do that.

I stood with several other villagers, who were in the process of standing off with a party of armed warriors, not just including my personal attacker (Blackjack the dwarf) but also a troll.  With no idea of who ANY of these people were nor what was happening, I decided to use my OTHER useful spell and RUN.

The dwarf called after me, something about coming back so he could beat me up.  I lurked around the edge of town before I saw the troll kill some guy on a horse who was trying to get away.  Once I realized I was in Nerit, I decided to RUN all the way back to where we started in Thelum.

Good news, though.  Level up!  Surprise!  Bet you didn't see that coming.

Krat Merkin levels up Stats in Rolemaster

Now I have ACTUAL spells, even though for some reason I've decided not to show those here.  Maybe next time we'll see what kind of shenanigans will occur as I highlight those.  I focused on Body Development, which more than doubled the amount of damage I am able to take from a meager 9 to a whopping (for me) 20!

Krat Merkin levels up Skills in Rolemaster

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