Friday, August 7, 2020

Fantasy Grounds (and more Traveller)

Initially, I was going to talk about Fantasy Grounds itself.  The interface, how much easier it was as a player, and how much I like how each module changes the UI to a theme.  I could have done that, but I feel like it's already been done.

Rather I'd like to take a moment to show how after the Roll20 experience a while back, I was not interested in gaming online.  Even though over the last few sessions I had questions about the interface, it wasn't anything that couldn't be answered very quickly.  The automation of the rolls, all of that, was very easy.  Most of the time, all the hangups were questions about the system and none of this was outside normal operating parameters.  As far as tabletop games are concerned.

Anyway, the game is fantastic.  Our GM, GameDoc, has been putting together fantastic session summaries for the group.  I've been taking screenshots from the game sessions, so I thought I would share both of those now.  Check out the GameDoc's awesome backstory timeline created during the character creation session.  More sessions to come!

*Update 9/4/20: A Real Campaign Hub!*

The following is GameDoc's written session summary:

The Retaking of the S.S. MacGuffin

Session Summary

The crew is employed by Baroness Edda to recover data from a derelict ship in a largely unexplored section space. The ship was being used as research vessel by Professor Quentin Warwick, in the employ of the Baroness. They are given salvage rights to the ship, so long as they retrieve the data for her.

Fantasy Grounds Traveller: S.S. Macguffin

The Baroness arranges for scout ship to transport them to the location. There they find the ship in orbit of a small, water-covered planet with no signs of civilization or intelligent life below. The ship is largely intact, but completely powered down. Scans indicate that a section of the cargo hold has been converted to a middle deck.

Donning vacc-suits, the crew boards the ship and restores power, gravity, and atmosphere, but are then assaulted by a security droid. 

Fantasy Grounds Traveller: Droid Shot

They are able to hack into the ship’s security system and locate 3 other droids.

Fantasy Grounds Traveller: Bridge

Fantasy Grounds Traveller: The Kingfisher

The mysterious middle deck is not connected to the ship’s computer and security systems, but Amadeus is able to use his clairvoyant powers to determine it is a research lab and contains two more security droids.

Fantasy Grounds Traveller: Who let the droids out?

The crew systematically explores the ship and eliminates the security droids.
Fantasy Grounds Traveller: Droid Pain

 In the cryoberths, they find the body of Professor Warwick. 

Fantasy Grounds Traveller: Autopsy of Dr. Warwick

Between data from the ships computers, lab computers, and a medical autopsy of the Professor’s body, they are able to determine that the ship came to this location on purpose and rendezvoused with another ship, the crew and research assistants were either captured or killed and disposed of elsewhere, and the Professor activated the security droids then smashed the control mechanism to ensure the lab was not breached. He then appears to have poisoned himself and crawled into a cryoberth as he was dying.

Records from the lab indicate he was in the early stages of research on implanting computer control systems into organic constructs. It is clear he did not want his research falling into anyone’s hands.

Fantasy Grounds Traveller: The Kingfisher Deck Plan

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