Friday, August 21, 2020

Mongoose Traveller: Jumping Home

Mongoose Traveller in Fantasy Grounds

Back again with our Travels, and you can visit the Campaign Hub here

I've really enjoyed the space opera so far, and we're having another session soon.  So, I thought I'd provide an update on the LAST session.  Again, our summary comes straight from our GameDoc!

Mongoose Traveller Ship Sheet
The Kingfisher's vital statistics.  NOICE.

The Travellers continue to explore their salvages ship, the “Kingfisher.” Finding it lacks enough fuel to make a jump, they descend to the unnamed planet and take in water to process into fuel, which will take approximately 48 hours. In the meantime they confirm to once other ships capabilities.

They also continue to review the research notes from the science lab and the ship’s computers. It is clear that the ship that rendezvoused with the Kingfisher had no transponder identification and did not exchange in any radio or electronic communication with the ship.

About 40 hours into their fuel processing, two small fighter craft appear from the far side of the plant and maneuver to attack. But the Kingfisher’s gun batteries are more than a match for the small craft and immediacy blast them apart.

The Travellers take the remains of the ships into the cargo bay. After a lengthy examination they determine the ships were designed to be operated by A.I. The circuitry is very similar the the type of A.I. designs in the late Professor Warwick’s notes, which does not appear to be based on any know principles of design for such technology.

The Travellers scan the planet but find no signs of intelligent life, technology, or artificial structures. They decide to jump back to Tinath. The jump is successful but almost immediately upon exiting jump space, the maneuver drive stalls out and the ship behind hurtling uncontrollably towards the planet. To make matters worse, a fire breaks out in one of the electrical conduits.

In a mad dash, the Travellers are able to extinguish the fire, reset the maneuver drive, and make a hard landing at the spaceport on Tinath.

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