Sunday, April 19, 2020

Warhammer 40,000 Kill-Team

Warhammer 40,000 Kill-Team, Copyright Games Workshop
I've played every version of Combat Patrol / Kill-Team in every edition since 3rd.  It should go without saying that we'd also be taking on this version of the skirmish rules subset, but this edition is a little different.  It's a full-blown game on it's own, and Games Workshop has really lavished production on this version.

So, in approaching Kill-Team I saw an opportunity to actually use some of the smaller sets I've managed to cling on to over the years but never blossomed into a real army.  It would also serve as a place I could collect a few new models without the commitment required of a full army until I got ready to make that move.  If ever.  Instead, Kill-Team would be composed of DIFFERENT forces than my main 40k armies.

Kill-Team is one of the most anticipated games on our roster.  As larger 40k forces require more time to muster, the Kill-Teams in my area are becoming activated.  Almost every gamer I know has a Kill-Team, and if they don't they have friends they can borrow one from.

If you have a 40k army, then you have a Kill-Team.  40k aficionado?  Collect a Kill-Team from a new army.  If you're in the Iron Seer's area - prepare yourself.  Kill-Team campaigns have been planned from the get-go!

We'll be using all the Kill-Team material from the Core, Commanders, Elites and the Kill-Team Annual 2019.  Other Kill-Team materials will be considered, but by and large Arena will not be part of the program.  Even so, plenty of Kill-Teamery to get caught up on in the meantime as we begin to explore a new corner of the 40k universe through our campaigns, armies and terrain building.

Get ready to carve out your own piece of the Nemesis Sector.

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