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Frostgrave Elementalist's Warband

Frostgrave Elementalist's Warband
The Elementalist Hakon Iceblood unleashes his kinsmen to raid the Frozen City.
The barbarian tribes of the north live in a state of constant strife.  The brutal demands of the land would be taxing to any people, but it is the creatures that wander these lands that make it truly dangerous.  Yet for all their fortitude and courage, the gift of magic is seldom found among these people.

Frostgrave Elementalist, Apprentice and Captain
The fierce Elementalist Hakon Iceblood, flanked by his Apprentice and Captain.
Hakon Iceblood the Reaver is a living legend amongst his people.  Great and many are his conquests, and his mastery of the primeval elements is well known.  He is a great champion of his people, for might and magic are both well respected in the north.  The tribes across the north have all heard his name and deeds, and he calls the worthy to his side as he journeys to Frostgrave.

Hakon is joined by Gulbrand, his apprentice in magic.  Not only has the elementalist trained Gulbrand since he was a young man in the secrets of controlling the elements, but also in the ways of war and battle.  Together they have vowed to bring the riches of the City Under Ice back to enrich their tribes and secure their future.

I heard a lot about how Bones models don't really fit with Frostgrave models, so I made a warband about it.  These are Kord the Destroyer, Grundor Hoardtaker and Ingrid, Female Viking - all Bones models on 32mm bases.  Sometimes I still have difficulty with Bones.  Maybe it's just me.

Frostgrave Elementalist's Men-at-Arms
The men of the north often use heavy shields and weapons to break their enemies.
The Northmen have rallied to Iceblood's call.  Warriors from across the tribes have pledged their arms, and are fanatically loyal to the Elementalist.  These are among Iceblood's mainstay soldiers, as many proficient warriors carry stalwart shields into battle.

The rest of the warband other than the Bones models above are Frostgrave Barbarians.  It's a really awesome kit that's probably a must-have no matter what games you are playing.  The paint flew on these models quick and they turned out really good.  I'm still not good at faces, but how easily these models took the paint helped me surprise myself.

Frostgrave Elementalist's Barbarians
Barbarian tribesmen of the North.
Some warriors yet prefer even heavier weapons.  These sorts of double-handed weapons are quite useful against some of the larger creatures and monsters found in the north, especially around the Frozen City.  Many if Iceblood's warriors carry these weapons, and are always looking for a giant monster to prove their valor and gain Iceblood's favor.

Not every Frostgrave Barbarian with a double-handed weapon has a shaved head, but every Frostgrave Barbarian with a double-handed weapon in this warband has a shaved head.

Frostgrave Elementalist's Ranger and Crossbowman
The barbarians may be primitive in culture, but not in technology.
Iceblood's forces are joined by more specialized warriors as well.  Rangers versed in the northern landscape scout the area and advise him of the situation, which the Elementalist exploits to great effect.  Crossbowmen supplement his soldiers' shields and hammers with hateful missiles.  Indeed the soldiers in the Elementalist's warband are eager to follow Iceblood into the City Under Ice and test their valor against the horrors that lurk there, risking all for the riches and glory.

The Frostgrave Barbarians plastic kit was the first one from the line I got, but I quickly got some more.  There are too many cool bits in there, nevermind all the soldiers you can build with it.

Frostgrave Elementalist's Tracker
Trackers make excellent companions when trekking across the trackless, frozen tundra.
Iceblood also employs trackers for a multitude of tasks.  When foraging, these men are invaluable as their skills greatly increase how long the camp can function out in the wild.  However, sometimes it is other men that they hunt.  In the case of the Elementalist's visit to the City Under Ice, those men are often rival wizards who don't realize they are being hunted.

This model is the only kitbash in the warband.  This model is mostly a Frostgrave Barbarian, but incorporates some pieces from Wargame's Factory's Saxon Thegns.  Notably, those pieces are everything but the body and head.

Frostgrave Elementalist's Warband
Fear the coming of Hakon Iceblood the Reaver, Master of the Howling Winds!

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