Sunday, November 11, 2018

Dark Age Stormhammers

The Dark Age has begun.

A small force of Stormhammers have been ordered onto Vindemiatrix ahead of the Clan attack.  The warriors of this company are green, newly raised by the Tharkan Striker's commander - the freeborn Alexia Wolf.  Aware the Clan are coming to claim this world for their own, the appointed Inner Sphere commander surveys his forces for disposition.

Dark Age Stormhammers Army
The mustered Stormhammers defending Vindemiatrix's landing zones on the sulfur fields.
Tharkan Strikers
Commanding Officer Kommandant Wilhelm Kloss

Strategic Mission: Protect Vindemiatrix from the new Falcon Offensive.

Dark Age Stormhammer Battlemechs
Targe, Hellstars and Crimson Hawks make up the bulk of the professional forces battlemechs.
Lyran mechs are notoriously heavy.  The Tharkan Strikers have several mechs on the heavier side, but nothing truly huge.  However, they may have struck a fine balance to meet their needs as the Clan forces will be swift and sure.

Dark Age Stormhammer Mining Mechs
Even the miners on the sulfur fields had better be ready. 
There are many mining facilities out on the sulfur fields.  Lots of infrastructure to protect, though Stormhammer command is fairly sure the Clan attack will focus on military assets.  Nonetheless, the civilian mechs have been made as ready for battle as possible should the need arise.

Dark Age Stormhammer Infantry
The Stormhammers have more and more varied infantry than their clan opponents.
Infantry will play a strong role in the defense of Vindemiatrix.  The Stormhammers can call upon an array of troop types and armors.  The infantry sections of the defense garrison are the most well trained and experienced warriors in the detachment.

Dark Age Stormhammer Artillery
Mobile and fixed position artillery strengthens the conventional forces of the Stormhammers.
The garrison has an array of mobile artillery support vehicles and mech killers.  Gun emplacements will serve as point-defenses for every defensive line.  Missile batteries will rain damage on ground forces and aircraft alike.  Any approach to a Stormhammer position will be paid for by the attack in losses that may be too great to sustain.

Dark Age Stormhammer Helicopters
Stormhammer and allied Inner Sphere support craft.
The Stormhammers will also deploy VTOL assault craft in large numbers.  Not only are the Lyran attack choppers present, but allied units from Inner Sphere powers have been serving as transport craft.  These helicopters will form a vital link in the combined arms tactics the defenders are preparing.

Dark Age Stormhammers Army
No guts, no glory!
The Stormhammers have the advantages of numbers and the home ground in the coming conflict, but nothing is assured.  To repel the Clan attack, all elements must work together and coordinate to avoid losses and effect damage on the powerful enemies they will soon face.  Yet the company is eager to prove itself, and sees the coming conflict as the chance it's been waiting for.

Dark Age Stormhammers Army
Infantry train in specialist techniques of not getting crushed or thrown during joint operations with battlemechs.

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