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The Mythic World of Urd: No Kobolds Here

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The following is taken from the Arcane Alienist's very own notes, posted in our private social media.  You can also check out his podcast here and listen to a recap of this very incident!

The party are joined by a new recruit, a fighter named Doncha, and set out to find the entrance to the kobolds’ underworld lair and rescue their hostage queen.

Roderick’s kobold retainer, Hegle, cannot recall the exact location and suggests they confer with his tribe, who has temporarily taken up residence in the caves one occupied by the goblins and hobgoblins.

The Mythic World of Urd on Fantasy Grounds - Kobold Lair!
The conversation takes a more serious tone when the bugbears aren't interested in answering Dolly's polite questions.

The party arrives to find the caves abandoned with numerous kobold tracks leading north towards the dwarven mine. Bieber there ar larger (larger than human) footprints leading into the caves. The party investigated and at ambushed by three bugbears. They kill two and the last surrenders.

The Mythic World of Urd on Fantasy Grounds - Character Sheet!
When you don't speak the local jargon.

In exchange for its freedom, the bugbear agrees to answer their questions. He tells them that all the goblinkind in the forest were sent by the Troll King as mercenaries. Neither they nor their patron have any vested interest here. Someone (presumably the cult that holds the kobold queen) made a deal for their services. The bugbears are the only ones left and the Troll King has sent a special envoy to make sure they compete their end of the mission. 

The Mythic World of Urd on Fantasy Grounds - Bugbear Prisoners!

The bugbear also tells them the location where it’s kind are hold up and where they took all the gunpowder the hobgoblins manufactured. The party then heads to that location to confront the bugbears and hopefully secure the gunpowder.

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