Friday, June 11, 2021

Howl of Oblivion: Becoming Established

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After ensuring the safety of Gesherem and Sul Dhan Ared by scattering the war-camp, the party returns to Yecha.  Servants of the Slaughtergod follow the party and attempt an attack at night as they approach the city.  The leader, a flind, was murdered quickly by missile fire.  Most of the other attackers, also gnolls, simply fled after this.

Delivering the priests to the council, the party finds they are in high favor not just by the clergy.  They are given gifts by Lyzandhan as well for their services with a gift of the Khan's gold.  The priests quickly begin conferring with one another, and retire to the conference room to question the newcomers.

After taking a well deserved rest, the party finds the streets of the city are more bustling and busy than when the party left.  Fasha and the servants of Mouqol have struck many deals and approached Khaine with the deal he'd been asking about.  An investor spot in Dhamikan's caravan has opened up.  All told, a roughly three month turnaround will net a 25% profit for any investments - barring any loss to raiders or spoilage. 

Fasha however, is uncomfortable with guarding the party's treasure with his caravan.  It is too great a hoard, he claims, to not be guarded somewhere safe, instead of secreted in the market.  And so, the party undertakes an effort unprecedented for them - find an effective and reliable way to guard the treasure they keep acquiring.

Yecha Countryside Map Markers
Places of note to the party in Yecha.

The party is surprised to learn what this will actually entail.  To this end, they determine they will incorporate as an adventuring company. As they begin to look for suitable properties to keep as a base of operations, they also begin thinking of whom they might hire to look after their property and valuables as they travel.  The grounds of the organization - a foundation to keep their treasure safe and pay for itself - is laid.

Mention is made that such an organization might have a hyena upon the crest, since the party has slain many of the creatures since arriving in the West.

Messages are sent to far-off Perrenland as Walkul thinks some of his family and friends from back home could be trustworthy enough.  Anverth also makes effort to contact his gnomish kin as well.  Other workers are surveyed as the party searches for a suitable property.  They begin to carve out what their adventuring company's organization will look like, and decide responsibilities for themselves.

As the party establishes itself and chooses an identity, the priests of the Western cults have a council that has not been convened in many centuries...and soon they will emerge from their consultations.

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