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Gone Lookin' For Goblins

The Mythic World of Urd
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The following is from GameDoc's session log in our private social media recapping our last session.  You can also listen to the Dungeon Master himself discuss the session at the Arcane Alienist Podcast right here!

The party returns to the foresters’ camp and picks up the trail of the goblins leading further into the woods. A mile or so, they are ambushed by a patrol of three goblins and a bugbear. However, they are not taken by surprise and Celestina uses her sleep spell to knock them all out. The party kills the bugbear and one goblin and ties the others up for questioning.

Gone Lookin' for Goblins 1

Urgash and Dolly are the only ones who speak goblin. Urgash interrogates them while Harald makes threats in common (which Urgash translates). The goblins agree to lead them to their lair if they are spared. They lead the party a short distance to a large outcropping of tumbled stone and boulders and show them the mouth of a cave. A powerful sour stench emanates form inside.

Gone Lookin' for Goblins - Fantasy Grounds Desktop
When a character speaks a different language...

The goblins begin “arguing” among themselves about how much to help the party. One offers to lead them to their remaining captives and their treasure while the other suggest taking them to parlay with the goblin’s leaders. It’s unclear if they are truly arguing or if it’s an act to confuse their captors. 

Harald decides to build a bonfire in the cave entrance and smoke out any goblins laying in wait. As he begins to pile up branches, one of the goblins yells “Bree-yark!” and an ogre emerges from the cave. Harald snatches up his pole-arm and strikes the ogre and Dolly finishes it off with her spear.

Gone Lookin' for Goblins 3

Dolly inspects the cave and finds no other entrances or passages. Khaine kills the goblin that cried out and the remaining one please for its life, promising to show them a hidden door at the back of the cave. Once it is pointed out, Durgash opens it to reveal a room full of more goblins. A battle breaks out. The captive goblin tries to sneak away but Harald cuts him down. 

Gone Lookin' for Goblins 4
"Where'd everyone go all sudden-like?"

The party manages to defeat this new group (mostly due to Dolly’s battleaxe), but one slips further down a side passage. They party gives chase and comes upon another chamber filled with goblins. They manage to defeat those as well but not before the fleeing goblin exits the other side of the room and disappears around the corner.

Gone Lookin' for Goblins 5

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