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Storm King's Thunder: Prepare to Die Edition [Part 6]

Storm King's Thunder: Prepare to Die Edition
* Updated 7/27/2018 *
WARNING:  Spoilers ahead for Storm King's Thunder.

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6.1 Into the Maelstrom

The party flies the airship back to Triboar, where they enlist Darz to keep watch over it while they are gone.  The dragon cultists bid the party farewell, and remind them to visit Klauth in the near future.  The party spends some time in Triboar doing inventory, collating what they know, and deciding on exactly what to do next.

When the adventurers are prepared, they gather and use the Conch.  They are teleported to a strange area, filled with bio-luminescent creatures and other sea life.  The party notices a large glyph carved into the stone, and hear singing coming from up a large spiral staircase.

The adventurers follow the stairs, and see several giants of different types listening to two storm giant females perform music, one playing a strange crab-organ and the other with powerful, melodic singing.  Starman and Berry perform for them, and the adventurers are brought before the storm giants.  There are several giants in attendance, one from every major type:  hill, stone, frost, fire and addition to more storm giant guards. 

The eldest sister, Mirran, informs the adventurers that her youngest sister, Serissa, is in charge...but is far too busy to meet with them.  She has them escorted to quarters sized for 'small folk', where they take a short rest.  Soon, Mirran returns and tells the party Serissa will see them and leads them back to the entry room.

There, the party finds several of the giant lords they saw earlier.  After some hesitancy, the giants attack the unsuspecting group.  Soon, most of the party is beaten and left for dead floating face down in a pool of seawater, presumably for the crabs.


Two of the party, Starman and Ikki Popp...are air genasi.  They could breathe underwater, and Starman used healing spells to stabilize those who had been wounded to near death.  After laying low for a moment and pretending to float in the water as corpses, the giants left back up the spiral staircase.  The adventurers then crawled out of the pool, heaving and panting from pain and lack of breath...unsure of their next move.

6.2 Court of the Storm Giants

The party attempts to find a place to recuperate after fishing themselves out of the drink.  They explore the immediate surroundings, and find only guest quarters - both human and giant sized - and a storage area.  Unsure of what to do next, they send Briar up the stairs after the giants while Starman explored the grate at the bottom of the pool.

Briar found the cloud giant talking to the stone giant just outside the stairwell, and returned to the lower level to report this.  Starman found a giant drain with five grates such as the one he found and slipped through.  In several of the grates were similar pools, but the entire drain area was underwater.  Also, there was wildlife in all the grates...giant crabs, but mostly killer whales.  One of them sees Starman, and briefly calls to him.  Shortly thereafter, he returns to the party, taking a moment to marvel at the vortex at the top of the massive drain.

The party decided they would brave the water and killer whales rather than the giants above.  Softhands grabbed a barrel of dried fish from the storage area, and the party dove below and swam through the grates.  Softhands broke the barrel up, and the party fed it to the more friendly-seeming of the trio of killer whales.  The party swam through that grate from the drain area and up to the top of the pool.

Once out of the water, Berry spoke with the killer whale and got some crucial information.  The whale actually belongs to Serissa, and what seems to be her private study is found nearby.  The party resolves to try to rest amidst Serissa's knick-knacks, but is interrupted by the Princess herself.

What follows next is a flurry of action.  The Princess, curious, talks to the 'small folk' (as she calls the adventurers) as her guards and advisors flit around.  The players meet her uncle, Uthor and her advisor Imryth.  When Starman offers to speak to the departed spirit of Queen Neri, Serissa decides to bring them to the throne room.

While in the court of the storm giants, the party sits with Serissa and her advisors as the body of the Queen is retrieved.  Uthor and Imryth, the advisors to the queen, caution against trusting the 'small folk', and Imryth becomes heated.  However, no one in the party that was listening could speak giant.

The Queen's body is brought forth, and Starman works his magic.  They ask the Queen who killed her, and about Imryth.  During this exchange, Imryth is questioned by the adventurers.  She becomes agitated and, eventually, the subject of a zone of truth cast by Berry.  Flustered, she snatches the Korolnor Scepter from around Serissa's neck and teleports away.  Stunned by this development, Uthor and his guards can only watch in astonishment.  Serissa, for her part, is distraught from hearing her dead mother speak.

Serissa gives the adventurers a wooden coin with a golden goose upon it, seemingly in line with something the dead Queen Neri had said.  Serissa charges the players to find her missing father, for it has something to do with the coin.  Serissa teleports the party back to Triboar, where they can begin their search for the origin of the wooden coin.

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