Sunday, April 1, 2018

Random Deathwind Corridor Missions

Kihraxz Attack Squadron!
Heavily armed and highly organized coalitions of mercenaries and pirates roam Deathwind Corridor.
We've been playing a lot of the standard scenario, and it's been brought to my attention that we need more missions for the campaign / general play.  Our group generally has always enjoyed the dynamic that the forces are built before the scenario determined, but in X-Wing that's not the practice.  You might not think it would, but it's actually kept us from playing a lot of the missions as part of campaign play.  This post will set up the framework we will use going forward for choosing missions to make for a more chaotic, interesting campaign.

First, let's talk about terminology.  Besides the places in the galaxy they refer to, Deathwind Corridor and the Cloak of the Sith have specific meaning to us.  Herein, the term 'Deathwind Corridor' refers to the general metagame we have created.  You might see this as the background setting for most of the campaigns we are going to run in the Star Wars galaxy across several rulesets.  Though we may bounce around the galaxy, the Deathwind Corridor will always be our pirate hidey-hole.  The 'Cloak of the Sith' refers to the title of the current, ongoing campaign.

Mission Procedure (X-Wing 1e)
  1. Select Game Size
    • Squadron Size 100-300 for Standard games.
    • Squadron Size 300-500 for Epic games.
  2. Determine Scenario
    • Mission
      • Any mission can be agreed upon and played.
    • Random Mission
      • 100 point squadrons can dice for scenario; see below. 
    • Sortie (Standard Game)
      • Any non-mission game 100-300 points in squadron size.
    • Epic
      • A Standard mission with Epic ships 300-500 points in squadron size.
The players can choose any type of scenario they like, or they can roll a random mission from the table below.  These missions are most usable with generic, 100 point squadrons with no other squadron restrictions than normal.  If any issues arise, this post will be updated to reflect any modifications with the mission selection.

Squadrons can be selected at any point during the mission selection / setup phases, though both players should be done around the same time.  Many squadrons are formed beforehand, and that's fine.  It doesn't really matter, with our metagame.

Random Mission Lists
We have lots of dice, so we can use a D12.
  1. Mission 1: Political Escort
  2. Mission 2: Asteroid Run
  3. Mission 3: Dark Whispers
  4. Mission 4: Den of Thieves
  5. Mission 5: Preystalker
  6. Mission 6: Undeniable Assets (Lambda-class Shuttle Expansion Pack)
  7. Mission 7: Cutting the Cord
  8. Mission 9: Jump To Subspace
  9. Mission 17: Disable the Relays  (Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack)
  10. Mission 18m: Outer Rim Raid
  11. Mission 20: Patrol Ambush  (U-wing Expansion Pack)
  12. Mission F1: Ambush
All of this is just for starters.  Eventually we will provide variants for Epic ships, and maybe even complications for Standard Sorties to shake it up.  Get out there and shoot down the enemy!

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