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Frostgrave: The Iron Seer's Challenge

Campaign Overview

The snows melt across the tundra.  Far away, the spires of the City Under Ice can be seen as wispy shadows, gaunt in the pale skies.  Hither come the Wizards, intent on the plunder they may find.  Yet, the sun and the thaw lasts only a short while...

The journey and trials involved in visiting the City Under Ice are daunting to all but the most driven of spellcasters, but the ultimate challenge has been laid before these poor, intrepid souls.  An unknown and powerful Wizard has contacted all of our challengers in the weeks and months before, and given them each a bargain they could not refuse.  Now they arrive on the outskirts of the Frozen City.

Each has come to conquer Frostgrave and all that stands before them.  They will amass the most power, the most spells, the most powerful minions they can manage.  Twelve moons hence, they must stand before their mysterious benefactor and be judged in their bargain.  Only the most powerful of Frostgrave's Wizards will claim their prize!!

Campaign Guide

Frostgrave:  The Iron Seer's Challenge is a long form campaign for Frostgrave.  It will take place every week in 2020, wrapping up at the end of December.  This will be the first long-form campaign for the new decade!

Each player will start with a standard warband as per the Frostgrave Rulebook.  Every so often, once a set of benchmarks has been crossed, a new set of rules will be introduced from various Frostgrave materials.  Players may recruit soldiers or use material from each supplement as it is introduced.  This progression will make sure that new players are not overwhelmed, but as the benchmarks are crossed new options will become available.

The reason for the staggered ramping is part of the Iron Seer's Challenge!  Can our players explore the entirety of the city, uncover every secret, and complete every scenario in a year's time?

We will attempt to use all the material from the current Frostgrave range, and showcase ALL the scenarios (even if individual players don't have to play every single one).  Players need time to get to grips with all this material, but 2020 will be a guided Frostgrave experience here!

At the end of the campaign, the following information will be processed to create an individual player score:
  • Scenario Win Percentage in Standard and Co-Operative Games 
  • Whether the player managed to cast Ascension, Lichdom or another EPIC spell.
  • Wizard Level and Experience Points
  • Total Vault / Base Value
However, the campaign will still not be over until the end of December!  These rules are subject to change at any time, and most likely will as new material is released.

Warband Construction Rules

The following soldiers are available for any Wizard to hire.  Note that Legendary Soldiers other than the Captain are not immediately available at the start of the campaign.
  1. Frostgrave Rulebook
    • Apprentice
    • Apothecary
    • Archer
    • Barbarian
    • Crossbowman
    • Infantryman
    • Knight
    • Man-At-Arms
    • Marksman
    • Ranger
    • Templar
    • Thief
    • Thug
    • Tracker
    • Treasure Hunter
    • War Hound
  2. Spellcaster #1
    • Musketeer
    • Coachman
    • Duellist
  3. The Frostgrave Folio
    • Captain
  4. Thaw of the Lich Lord
    • Bard
    • Crow Master
    • Javelineer
    • Pack Mule
  5. Into the Breeding Pits
    • Trap Expert
    • Tunnel Fighter
  6. Forgotten Pacts
    • Assassin
    • Demon Hunter
    • Monk
    • Mystic Warrior

Scenario Rules

How to Play a Iron Seer's Challenge Scenarios

  1. All Wizards present roll for Campaign Initiative.  A Campaign Initiative Roll is 1d20 + the Wizard's level.  The highest roll chooses the Scenario from those available to that Wizard.
  2. Co-Op Games (all Scenarios from Perilous Dark) cannot be selected unless the all other wizards consent.  If they want to be enemies, another scenario must be selected.
  3. Scenario Chains must be played in sequence.  Once a Wizard begins a Scenario Chain, they will automatically choose the next scenario in the chain if they win Campaign Initiative.  
  4. If your opponent is a Wizard on a Scenario Chain, you can simply agree to play the next scenario in that chain without rolling for Campaign Initiative.  You cannot do so if you have started any Scenario Chain for your Wizard.
  5. It is possible for Wizards to be at different points in the same Scenario Chain.  The Scenario played will be down to Campaign Initiative.
  6. Solo scenarios must be 'ran' by another player or judge.  That is to say, they are not 'solo'.  Another player will be responsible for adjudicating the scenario and witnessing your deeds.
  7. Follow all scenario rules as presented for setup and resolution.
  8. Follow the post-game sequence to record XP, Gold and Treasure changes.

Campaign Rule Updates

The following changes will apply to the basic rules once certain benchmarks are passed.
  • Dark Alchemy 
    • "Potions in Frostgrave" is in effect once any Wizard completes the Dark Alchemy scenario chain.
  • Forgotten Pacts
    • "Mystic Brand" can be one of a Wizard's starting spells.  Afterward, the only way to obtain this spell is to buy the Grimoire.
  • The Maze of Malcor
    • The entirety of the "Rules Update" section is put into effect once a Wizard reaches Level 20.  In addition, players may not start a warband as a Pentacle Wizard.
  • Spellcaster #1
    • "Firearms" in effect at beginning of campaign and are available for any character that can carry them.
    • "Horses in Frostgrave" in effect at beginning of campaign.
    • "Knightly Orders" available at beginning of campaign.  When hiring a Templar or Knight, you may pay 20gc to select an Order.
  • Spellcaster #3
    • "Friends in Low Places" and Underworld Favors are available to Wizards level 10 or higher.
    • "The Auction" will be held once per month once all Wizards are level 12 or higher.
  • Spellcaster #4
    • "Legendary Soldiers" can be hired by any Wizard that is level 15 or higher.
    • "Casting Roll Criticals" are in effect for Wizards higher than level 5.
  • Spellcaster #5
    • "Monster Hunting" can be used by any warband whose Wizard is level 10 or higher.

Campaign Participants
  • Dave Bone as Orrick Vos, Enchanter
    • A strange Wizard seemingly from another world altogether, he and his band of machinists and automatons seek a strange form of magical metal alloy.
  • Vin Propane as Skud Stormhand, Summoner
    • Not much is known about this Wizard, but his command of skeletal warriors and ghastly nether spirits seem to indicate he is as dangerous as he is insane.
  • Lady Foley as Glinda the Good, Witch
    • A powerful Witch from far away, her cohort seems to be looking for some trace of a long lost sage.
  • GameDoc as Immianthe, Witch
    • An elven spellcaster from a faraway land, not much is known about her.  Yet faeries, dryads and even stranger fey creatures seem to flock to this wizard's presence.
  • You (?) as [Your Wizard's Name], [Your Wizard's School]
More to be added here as players and their Wizards make their final preparations.  Spots on the leaderboard are still open!  Make sure we know you're throwing down at the Frozen City!  Plenty of DOOM for everyone.  

Scenarios and Scenario Chains

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