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Long Arm of the Hutt [Part 2]

Edge of the Empire: Mayhem, Inc.
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Episode IV

The crew have allied themselves with the Twi’lek miners to drive out offworld land developers fronting for the gangster, Teemo the Hutt.

Infiltrating the developer’s base, Modo Phloid holds their leader, Agnu Drombb at gunpoint, hoping to learn what Teemo is up to. But outside things are heating up between Drombb’s thugs and the rest of the crew...

- GameDoc

After an elaborate ruse by Phloid that sent half the thugs in the compound out into the desert, the group springs the trap and takes Droomb into custody.  The miners storm the compound, and turn Droomb over to the miners to do with as they will.

The group meet back at the mining camp and hash it out with Trex.  They are reluctant to kill him outright, and strike a deal that sees Trex reunited, alive, with his ship.  The group learns a lot about Teemo's operations from Trex afterward.

The group gets word that a bothan connection might have some work for them, and make plans to meet with the prospective client.  Ota, an operative for the mining collective, wants to make sure Teemo doesn't come back.  He's aware of a geonosian duke who backed out of a deal with Teemo and wants to know why.

Preparations are made for the group to go undercover and secure an arms deal at a gala hosted by the geonosian duke.  The real goal is to gather intel on Teemo's business deals, specifically, why the geonosian got cold feet.  Trex takes the group to Geonosis in the Krayt Fang.

At the gala, Rokka Reer wowed the crowd while Phloid and the gang caroused and got the intel. The group made contact with several interesting characters, including two Corellian smugglers in town for laughs.  It wasn't long before the duke got around to talking briefly with our group.  Turns out the geonosian sent an operative to see Teemo, and said operative was never seen again.

Episode V

While attending a party on Geonosis to secretly procure weapons for the Twi’lek resistance, the crew becomes acquainted with Duke Piddock, a Geonoshan arms supplier who reportedly had a falling out with Teemo the Hutt.

Now the crew works to discover the reason for the bad blood between Piddock and Teemo, hoping to find some leverage against the gangster that wants them dead.

- GameDoc

The group finally got a private talk with the geonosian duke, and secured a weapons shipment for the Rylothian miners.  Phloid attempted to pry more details out of the duke about his relationship with Teemo, but there wasn't much more.  Once the deal was done, the group contacted Trex with some questions about a certain cargo in the galley of the Krayt Fang.

Turns out, the geonosian met his end in Teemo's fighting pits.  The group lets the duke know what happened to his friend, and are given a sonic blaster as a reward.  Trex hits the comms, and warns of an approaching Imperial detachment he must evade.  The Imperials are almost certainly here to break up the arms deals, and declare a hyperspace lockdown.

The group finds passage with their new Corellian friends, who prove to be valuable allies.  Phloid fakes the ship's transponder signal to point to a random Imperial craft and they leave Geonosis to be anywhere else.  After some deliberation as to what the options truly were, the group decides to head back to Ryloth and complete the mission with Ota.

In order to get Teemo off their back, drastic action will have to be taken.  The group decides, of their options, going to Jabba with evidence of Teemo's treachery is the best way forward.  The group hitches a ride back to Tatooine with the full support of the miners.  Taking a 'gift' of raw spice to present to the Hutt, the group gains an audience with the mighty Jabba.

There, they explain their case and Jabba is impressed.  He decides to deal with Teemo directly, after seeing evidence and hearing the tale.  The group decides to hang around and settle into Mos Eisley.  Working for the Hutts is always profitable...and fun.

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