Sunday, February 10, 2019

Dungeon Tiles and What to Do With Them

Dungeon Tile Boxes
Stacks upon stacks upon stacks...
A few years back, we piled up every Dungeon Tiles box we could stomach and decided to hoard them.  Well, let's be honest - it was more than a few years ago.  It's been so long I don't even know which sets are what anymore and just kinda keep them in a few general containers.

It turns out there were a lot more of these Dungeon Tiles map packs than I thought.  I didn't really think too much of them, wielding my trusty Chessex mats as I did, with my hand-drawn dungeon corridors.  I think I have those somewhere, lingering still.

Dungeon Tiles Boxes
You're gonna need more boxes...
Anyway, check out DM David's (no relation) list and gallery of Dungeon Tiles publications.  It will help you track the rest down if you already have a good idea what pieces you have.  I don't really have that luxury, however.

I think it would take more time than I'm willing to invest at this point to go through these boxes and try to find each set that each piece came from.  Members of the old club would grab these up cheap and drop them in the boxes all the time, and that resulted in very little record keeping.  Such were the times in the old and lawless lands of long ago.

Dungeon Tiles City Plaza Setup
Dungeon Tiles Sewer Entrance

I shall catalog that folly.

Dungeon Tiles City Plaza Setup
Dungeon Tiles City & Sewer Setup

These are pretty much all we really need, though.  Basically, we have three huge sets now:  City, Dungeon and Wilderness.  With the reverse sides, we get some sewers and caverns.  All good stuffs.

Dungeon Tiles with Cave
Dungeon Tiles with Cave

Nominally, these are for RPG games.  I think we've used them more for skirmish gaming than anything else.  We've used them for campaigns in Warmachine, Mordheim, Frostgrave, Lord of the Rings and even D&D Miniatures.  It's great for claustrophobic settings, and can even allow from transition from a wider board to the interior just by adding some more model terrain.

Dungeon Tiles Wilderness Setup
"What's up fellas?  You wanna get in here by the fire?  It's cold out, but...oh."
I'm not really a fan of the wilderness tiles, as we have a table and actual terrain for all that.  However, if space / transportation is an issue then these provide the perfect solution for the prepared Master of Dungeons.  It certainly makes it easier to whip out small rpg-style scenarios quickly with a good spread of terrain.

Now, I don't have a full on dungeon table (yet) but these tiles fix that wagon pretty good and I'm happy that the old gang decided to invest in them.  We'll be cleaning the Iron Seer's dungeon this season, and air the dank place out.  We'll be looking for various dungeon gubbinz and getting them cataloged, cased and ready for a grand reopening of the place very soon.

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