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Storm King's Thunder: Prepare to Die Edition [Part 4]

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Warning:  SPOILERS ahead for Storm King's Thunder.

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4.1 Silverymoon

The character's arrive in Silverymoon looking to grab a cache of magic items, working off a tip they got in Triboar.  After working the city for a day, the players eventually reach a startling conclusion that the Margaster's Magic cache probably isn't worth tangling with Silverymoon's police force.  The party leaves the city empty handed, but resupplied.

Harshnag doesn't really seem to like other giants.

Shortly after embarking toward, two frost giants approach the party shouting for Harshnag in Giantish.  Harshnag stood silently while the giants conversed with him, before striking suddenly.  The two giants are killed by Harshnag and the party, and afterwards Harshnag explains they were up to no good.

4.2 The Zymorven Axe

The party arrives at Zymorven Hold, where they speak with Lord Zymorven about his giant-killing axe.  After recounting how Urgala in Triboar suggested they come to him, he is willing to help.  He remembers Urgala fondly, but alas, the axe has been taken by his ingrate son.  Last he heard, his son had fled to Yartar with a lowly wench.

The party backtracks to Everlund and uses the Harper teleportation circle to travel to Yartar.  Once there, they immediately realize that teleportation is THE quickest way to travel.  Heading into the Wink and Kiss tavern, where after some banter with a canny barmaid they are directed to two conspicuous ladies in the back who belong to the Hands of Yartar thieves' guild.

After some gold changes hands and some time passes carousing, the Hands of Yartar deliver the information the party requested.  Harthal Zymorven, Lord Zymorven's estranged son, has been arrested for murder.  The magical giant-slayer axe was taken by a corrupt watch captain named Brenner.

Starman and Berry conclude they do not wish to partake in unlawful activities and continue to carouse into the evening.  However, Softhands and Briar break into Brenner's house, beat him senseless and take the magical weapon.  Rude.

4.3 Xantharl's Keep

The party now wishes to act on more information gleaned from Triboar, and uses the Yartar teleportation circle to travel to Mirabar.  They then head south to Xantharl's Keep, intending to capture the fugitive known as 'the Weevil' for the five-thousand gold piece bounty.  Harshnag heads for the Pass of Khedrun, and will meet the party in about a week on the trail north.

After arriving at Xantharl's keep, the party is faced with a quandary.  They are sure they have found Worvil "the Weevil" Forkbeard...but they are starting to reconsider some of their rash actions.  They 'interview' 'Larg' and his employer, Arzastra, proprietor of the Fallen Orc Inn...but aren't quite convinced they can just bag the guy and leave.  Shortly their ruminations are put to the test as the guards raise an alarm.  "Enemies to the east!"

The adventurers were standing outside, about to confront 'Larg', A.K.A. 'the Weevil' when the commotion occurs.  Apparently there are several ogres, goblins and hobgoblins outside the walls, led by a giant.  The players were standing on the steps to the inn, and shortly they hear a racket inside the inn's stable.  As goblins covered in spikes splatter on the ground and walls of Xantharl's Keep (catapulted from slingers mounted on the ogres) the players investigate the noise.

Ten bugbears slink through the shadows, attempting to grab Larg!  The adventurers rush inside, and the fighting was fierce.  In the end, Larg says he doesn't know why they were trying to grab him - which is certainly what they were doing, since they were trying to force him into a dwarf-sized sack and haul him off.

In the aftermath of the battle, the city guards are everywhere and find the players and the remnants of their battle.  Some questions are asked, and generally satisfactorily answered.  The Lord of Xantharl's Keep contacts the proper authorities in Mirabar, and the party is allowed to leave with their prize - Larg, A.K.A. Worvil Forkbeard, A.K.A. the Weevil.  The dwarf brigand is marched back to Mirabar and the adventurers claim their five-thousand gold.

Afterward, the party is two days early meeting Harshnag on the northern trail.  The way to the Valley of Khedrun is desolate and quiet.  After a long and grueling journey in the cold and silence of the Spine of the World, the party arrives at the Eye of the All-Father.

4.4 Eye of the All-Father

The adventurers approach the Eye of the All-Father.  It is a temple to the deity Annam, who is the greatest of the gods of the giants.  The doors had long been open into the mountain, and snow had blown quite far inside the tunnel leading into the mountain.  Inside, all the walls had frost and ice on them and the place seemed dead quiet.

Shortly after entering, the party runs across a group of barbarians trying to open a massive door.  When they see the adventurers, no words are exchanged - they simply attack.  The barbarians had a subdued white dragon wyrmling with them, which Harshnag takes as a personal insult.

When there wasn't much left of the barbarians but smears, everyone wonders why they were here.  Harshnag, Berry and Softhands push the massive door open, and discover a room full of statues representative of the six different races of giants, and a faceless statue depicting Annam.  Across the room is a glowing archway...which seems to be a normal alcove, aside from glowing fog and strange runes.

Harshnag knows one of the runes, but the rest are a mystery.  The giant statues in the room are all holding weapons, save one - the frost giant god, Thrym.  The party breaks the ice on one of the northern doors and goes upstairs, searching and ransacking the giant living quarters.  In a sack on a giant's bed they find some dwarf heads and a magical item known as the Shard of the Ise Rune.

In the lower level, they are taken aback by a magical trap!  A giant ball of rock rolled down the hallway, nearly crushing the adventurers.  The giant rock is then rolled back into place by a statue of a stone giant.  The only other thing of interest is a cleft of rock in the back of one of the rooms.  The party decides to rest here, in the relative safety and quiet of the cold Eye of the All-Father.

4.5 Great Worm Cavern

The party investigates the southern doors, and are surprised to find the giant's banquet hall to be warm.  Unfortunately, they also find a remorhaz.  After a brief and bloody fight with the beast, the party finds Thrym's axe and deduces how to open the portal in the main hall.

After consulting with the ghost of a cloud giant and spending two days talking to the oracle, the party now understands what is happening to the Ordning of the giants.  The oracle bids them to prove themselves by returning artifacts to the giants that were stolen by the Uthgardt.  After Harshnag draws them a map, the party decides to visit Great Worm Cavern, an Uthgardt spirit mount that was the closest to the Eye of the All-Father.

The party leaves for Great Worm Cavern, but are accosted by eight dragon cultists in a flying ship.  They claim to be sent to aid the party by the dragon Klauth, who has given them a gift - the airship.  The cultists crew the ship for the party as they continue to the Uthgardt spirit mound.

Once the cavern is found, the party descends and begins to tentatively check out the icy cave.  The Uthgardt, as it turns out, are rather unfriendly...but a few well placed sleep spells by Briar and some quick bargaining with the Uthgardt granny see the party leaving with what they came for - the broken shield of a fire giant.  Surely, the Oracle will accept this offering...

4.6 Return to the Eye of the All-Father

The party returns to the Eye, and after some meandering figure out how to offer the relic to the oracle.  They are bade to find the fortress of Ironslag, Duke Zalto's base of operations, and face the fire giant lord.  They are to find the Conch of Teleportation and enter the Maelstrom.  There, they must root out the evil in King Hekaton's court.

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