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Storm King's Thunder: Prepare to Die Edition [Part 3]

Storm King's Thunder: Prepare to Die Edition
*Updated 11/30/2017*

Warning:  SPOILERS ahead for Storm King's Thunder.

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3.1 Road to Yartar

In the wake of the attack on Triboar, the party becomes quite popular in town.  Not knowing what to do with the giant piece of metal the giants unearthed, but knowing it's valuable, the adventurers are at a loss as to what to do about it until Alaestra Ulgar and Urlam Stockspool offer to buy it and engage in a bidding war.  The party sells it to Alaestra for five thousand gold coins.

In addition, the other residents of Triboar approach the party for various reasons.  Darathra Shendrel, the Lord Protector of Triboar, gives the party a platinum badge bearing the insignia of the town.  She bids them to travel to Everlund and visit Danivarr's House.  There, they should talk to Dral Thelev.  No explicit reason was given.

Darz Helgar let's the players know that a dwarf cleaning stables in Xantharl's Keep might well be the wanted brigand known as the Weevil.  The bounty is rumored to be five thousand gold coins.  It might be worth checking out if the adventurers head that way.

Narth Tezrin, after figuring out the party's destination, asks them to deliver a crate of harnesses to Noanar's Hold, on the way to Silverymoon.  For a hundred gold, a horse and a cart the party agrees to make the delivery.  They are to pick up the cart on the morn they leave.

Urgala Meltimer tells the party that an old associate of hers owns a giant-slayer.  He lives in Zymorven Hall, and would probably part with it if they party told him they are fighting giants along the coast.  The party makes a note of this if they happen to move in that direction.

Othovir had a close call during the attack.  To show his gratitude, he tells the party about the Margaster family's hidden cache of magic in their estate in Silverymoon.  He gives details, and the party considers it.  Breaking the law in Silverymoon is not something anyone wants to get caught up in.

Ghelryn Foehammer almost died during the attack.  He was grateful, though taciturn.  He returned later having written a Letter of Recommendation for the party.  He bids them thanks, and tells the party to present the letter to King Morinn or Queen Tithmel should they find themselves in Citadel Felbarr.

The party finally sets out from Triboar to reach Silverymoon.  The first stop along the Evermoor trail is Yartar, a few days away.  Outside Triboar, the party encounters a group of travelers fleeing giants in the countryside.

The next day, the party comes upon a group of stone giants disassembling a stone tower, stone by stone.  The party decides to confront the giants, who hold fast, tossing stones from their tower, until Niv's ice storm spell finally spooks them and they run into the fields.  The party does not pursue.

When they get to Yartar, they are surprised.  A wretched hive of scum and villainy, corpses on the streets seem to go unattended.  The party passes through the river town as quickly as possible.

3.2 Yartar to Calling Horns

A days' ride from Yartar, they party encounters Lady Harriana Hawkwinter and her squire.  She had rescued two children, Elisa and Tomas, from a giant attack that their parents did not survive.  She asks the adventurers to take the children to the nearest town, as she wishes to pursue the giants.  The party takes custody of the two children.

They forage over the next three days, also running into some hunters along the road, before arriving in Calling Horns.  Tamalin Zoar warms to the party fairly quickly, and arranges to have the children seen to.  The party eats and rests well at the Calling Horns Inn, until later that night.

The party is awoken to strange sounds outside.  Starman investigated and found something trying to get into the horse stables.  Softhands, Briar and Berry all run outside and find themselves face to face with two trolls from the moors who want to get to that yummy horsemeat.

A short battle erupted that involved maniacal laughter and torches as choking hazards.  Tamalin offered the party a job rooting out the source of the trolls, but they declined as they were more interested in reaching Everlund.  The party set out at first light.

Shortly after leaving Calling Horns, they are ambushed by crag cats.  They are swiftly seen off, but the party proceeds more warily.  A few days later they arrive at Noanar's Hold at dusk.

3.3 Noannar's Hold to Everlund

Noanar's Hold is unsettling to the party.  The caretaker of the keep and the recipient of Narth's harnesses from the Lionshield Coster is named Amrath Mulnobar, and he makes it fairly clear that he doesn't want them hanging around.  As much is said by most of the folk in town.  It is suggested that they go to the White Hart Inn, and stay indoors at night.

By day the village is normal, but near dusk everyone went indoors immediately and it turned strangely quiet.  The party resolves to investigate.  Soon they hear the rumors surrounding the village...apparently, a hundred and fifty years ago there may have been some mass murder and serial killings going on under the guise of "hunts" organized by the nobles.  Ever since, the Hold has been in a steady decline.

The party begins investigating the "Hunt Lords" of Noanar's Hold.  They spend the next day going around the town, eventually spending several gold coins on the artisan socks made by a village wife.  They arrange to meet with the wife's husband, a hunter named Bryce.  When they meet him, he expresses his gratitude - that's a lot of money to drop on socks.  He tells the party about the Hunt Lords, but not much.  He says they shouldn't go poking around.

They hang around and manage to finally get a glimpse of one of the Hunt Lords.  He and his horse were obviously undead.  Their investigation concludes with the assumption that the arrangement is copacetic - the Hunt Lords actually serve to protect the tiny village of Noanar's Hold.

The party leaves for Everlund the following day.  They pass through Olostin's Hold, noting little about the village.  When they get to Everlund, they go directly to Danivarr's House and talk with the one-eyed half-orc Dral Thelev.  The half-orc is cordial, even foppish, and takes the party into an adjoining parlor and offers wine.  Briar takes the first sip and instantly disappears!

Dral explains that the wine instantly teleports the one who drinks it to the Moongleam Tower, the bastion of the Harpers in Everlund.  There, they find themselves in another parlor, filled with winged cats called tressym.  Krowen Valharrow, the caretaker, welcomes the party and shows them to a hidden teleportation circle within the tower.  There he explains the party can use any of the Harper's circles that connect cities along the Sword Coast:  Mirabar, Everlund, Neverwinter, Yartar, Loudwater and Waterdeep.

The party decides to continue overland to Silverymoon, but thank the Harpers' for their aid.  Just outside Everlund, the party encounters a frost giant simply standing by the road.  He is Harshnag, and he isn't hostile.

In fact, the giant explains he's on his way to a place called the Eye of the All-Father, and he's killing giants along the way.  The party agrees to accompany him, and Harshnag joins the party.  First stop is Silverymoon, and Harshnag will be waiting outside the city when the party is finished there.

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